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Adding Video to Your Web Site

Video used to be nearly impossible to use on the average web site. Loading time took too long and files were too large to upload effectively. Today, video has become a reality in the web site world.

Adding a video to your site can help convey what your company or organization is all about, or spotlight a certain product you’re trying to sell. With the widespread success of Facebook and YouTube, people are also featuring other people’s videos on their web sites, blogs, homepage and more. There are a number of types of videos that are available: Quick time Movies, Windows Media Player Files, AVI’s, and even flash video, which works on the majority of web browsers.

I recommend uploading your company’s videos to You Tube and then embedding them into your web site. This makes nearly 100 % of your visitors be able to view your video, even on smartphones and tablets. It also provides more exposure for your videos, as it will be seen in You Tube search results when properly configured with proper keywords in the video’s title, description and keywords.

Videos are now being shown in organic Google search results, which helps promote your video across the search engines.

If you need someone to help you create your video, I can recommend someone, just ask me!

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