top ten search engine rankings on sites like google

Achieving Top Ten Search Engine Rankings

top ten search engine rankings on sites like googleAchieving top ten search engine placement is a process that involves the right combination and balance of all everything I’ve talked about in this entire section on Search Engine Marketign. It begins with creating a quality web site with unique valuable content.

It continues with researching your online competition to see what you’re up against, then proper research of the right keywords for your business, and the correct placement of those keywords on your web site pages. It continues many times with a focused link building campaign. This is how all ethical established SEO companies acheive success. And time is a factor as well, that’s why it’s called “organic search engine rankings”. You can be on page one of Google or Bing tomorrow if you want to pay for it, but when you stop paying Google, it goes away. A proper organic search engine marketing campaign can help your company make money for years to come!

The longer your site is indexed by the search engines, and the more you add helpful, original text, images and video, the better your business will rank for the key phrases related to your business or organization.

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