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A Responsive Web Site Demonstration and Test for Responsiveness

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The video here is a great example showing how a Responsive WordPress web site works and also gives you a test to see if your site is responsive. The web site design starts at 750 pixels wide and 920 pixels long (or if you change the devices’ orientation. it’s the opposite!

Here are a few web sites that let you add in your web site or even a page in your web site and it will show you on different, very specific devices how your site looks to each person using one of those devices. You may not be satisfied with what you see. Contact me if you want some help updating your site for every device and web browser.

Screen Sizes and Device Checkers:

http://responsivedesignchecker.com/ – a really fun and easy to use site. Just put in the web address (you can copy and paste your own web site if you are using your desktop by highlighting all the text in the white box above the web site and menus, then on a pc, on your keywboard click on the CTRL button and the C and paste with CTRL V and then wait, and click on the different devices.

Web Browser and Screen Resolution Testers

https://www.browserling.com/ – this shows up to windows 8.1 which is very close to 10 in design, so I’m considering it a current with past operating systems and browsers. Play around with it if you want to figure out finally why your site doesn’t look the same on your IPhone as it does at your work office PC.

The video here of a responsive design or the full size of a computer screen – it’s a great example and the author describes the change as it happens and recommends what I talk about throughout my web site: creating responsive web sites with responsive  content!


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