4DateLovers.com WordPress and Ecommerce

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4datelovers.com4DateLovers.com is a content management web site using WordPress as the platform and WP Ecommerce, a plugin for the shopping cart. A plugin is a program that installs into WordPress and adds functionality.

This company is a date farm, where they grow, process, package and sell dates, all in one place. The web site has informational pages as well as a few dozen products. Buyers can pay with a major credit card or use their PayPal account to purchase products here. The site has a slideshow on the homepage that takes you to different sections of the site.

The site was designed so the owners can go into an administrative section that’s password protected, login, then add, modify or delete any of the content or products.

After the site was built, to help with SEO (search engine optimization), the clients allowed me to choose a domain other than their company name that was rich in keywords that people might type in to find their site.  The new domain,   www.buycaorganicdates.com , is what i call a “search engine friendly domain name”. the words buy, ca, organic, and dates, are all keywords for this business.

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