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10 Things A Customer Wants To See In A Web Site


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If you own a web site, you may want to read this article.

Entrepreneur Magazine recently did a survey which inspired me to write this article. When someone comes across a web site, whether it be from a business card you hand them, an email you send them, they find you on a web search, if they aren’t personally referred to you (that’s a bit of a different story as someone has already vouched for your web site) then they’re hesitant to trust so you have to give them a reason to.

Here are the things that your new and returning visitors are looking to see if you’re web site has:

  1. CONTACT INFO: there needs to be as many ways possible to get a hold of your as fast as the customer desires:
    1. At Least One Contact Phone Number, toll free if possible but not necessary anymore as the majoriity of your clients have free long distrance in the United states.
    2. An Email Address, and not a gmail or a yahoo.com extension. They want to see that you have gone to the trouble of creating a work email, that you used it for work, and it’s easy to remember like your name, info, sales, or something along those lines. With email being free almost everywhere or extremely cheap if not free, there’s no excuse except you don’t want to have to check another email box. But, it’s that extra step that your visitors will appreciate. They’ll know you take your business seriously.
    3. A Contact Form, even something simple and easy. Some people, believe it or not, don’t want to click on an email address. They want to use a simple form on your web site, so it’s always good to have both. I know you might thing, “Potato, potahhhho”, but it takes five minutes to make the form and it goes to your email anyway, unless you go the extra step to put the information from a contact form into a CRM, or Customier Managment System to work them as a lead, or if it’s got a checkbox on the form to approve it, you can send them to your mailing list service like MailChimp, a basically free email newsletter service that you must check out if you’re going to start communicating with your potential and current  client base to keep your company in the front of their minds.
    4. Social Media Web Addresses, but only the ones you actually use on a regular basis. If you don’t have your settings set to email you, then you have to make sure you’re checking your social media mail too!
  2. Security, such as a WordPress Security Plugin of some kinds as well as an SSL certificate. And now the SSL for your entire site, not just the sensitive areas where you put a credit card.

    The whole site!

    I’m talking about using an SSL certificate to cover every link to every file in your web site so they feel that they are browsing a site safely. It’s also a criteria that Google Webmaster Guidelines now wants to see on every web site, so it’s something we’re all going to have to do to please both Google and visitors.

  3. A Clear Idea Of What Your Web Site Is About, and pretty much immediately on this one. Too many people make the mistake of making a pretty web site that doesn’t tell people what you’re all about immediately by using its header tagline or first image in a slidehow, some way to immediately let them know if they’re wasting their time or not. They will leave or stay based on what you tell them or don’t tell them.
  4.  Local Business Need to Tell Their Story, not just put their products, services, and a contact page anymore. you have to prove that you’re different from the one in the list they found you in, before and after there are other companies. Use this chance of them happening into your web site to draw them into your passion and if you truly are passionate about your business, it will come out in the wording and people will want to do business with you.
  5. What Makes You Different, which is just what i was aluding to in the previous list item. You must tell your visitors “WHY YOU?”. Why not the next guy? And you have to convince them. That’s why I really encourage the owner of the business writes the basic content for the about page, as they are the only people who know the business from front to back.

    I can take recordings sent to me via Dropbox and transcribe and optimize any of the pages you want using software called Dragon Naturally Speaking, which can take what you record on your phone in an mp3 file that’s stored on One Drive or the like, and sent to me via sharing.

    This works if you participate. All you, the owner have to do, is talk about your company using Smart Video Recorder, my favorite recording app or any other, and tell me and your target audience out there what you and your company does best and why someone should choose you, what makes you different? Say it now or they’ll be clicking away before you know it and reading the story of company B underneath you.

    I’m just saying, take an interest in getting your companies’ message out there. If you can type, emial it to me, that’s simpler of course but I wanted to show you there are other options. I’ve done wonders with a bulleted list and some notes jotted down in a Word Doc or scanned piece of paper.

  6. Validation from 3rd Parties, whether it be testimonials sent in to you put onto your web site, or collected online testimonials (the hardest to get in some industries, people just hate having to create accounts, then think of somehting to say, etc). But if every client / customer wrote you a testimonial or review, thing of the trust level we would all have while surfing the web. With large numbers comes accurate data! So the more positive reviews you get online, the better Google thinks of your web site too!
  7. Ease of Use of Web Site and Navigation, which is where I can help. I do my very best to make sure your information is reachable within two clicks and the directions on how to get there are very specific.
  8. Call to Actions Telling People What to Do, believe it or not people want you to tell them to buy your widget and why. Make sure you take the time to decribe that widget well and even tell the differfent ways it can be used or how it is helping make people’s lives easier.
  9. Special Offers, meaning they want a deal. Even if it’s a percieved discount, people want value for their purchase. They don’t mind spending money if it’s something they need and you have what they want.

    Don’t expect to  charge high prices for everything and have your orders come flowing into your inbox. You have to work to sell each product or service and back up your statement with facts and studies, whatever it takes to convince a total stranger to spend their money on your wares, whether it’s a mortgage, a teddy bear, or a web site service!

  10. Personalize their Experience! Using cookies can help you welcome them back if they let you customize their viewer experience by allowing your site to add a little piece of code in a text tile called a “cookie”. Also  when you’re writing the text, or when I write the text for you, make it personal.

    Cookies can save the carts they started and your words of wisdom can bring them back to buy from you. Not everyone gets the sale the first time, so you have to remember to treat every visitor to your site as important as the buying customers from the last ten years of your business’ dealings online and offline.


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