Hello and welcome to Blue Hyperlink Web Marketing. Please excuse the dust while I’m redoing my web site’s content AND design at the same time. I have clients that need to see articles I’ve written, so I’m keeping the very basics of the site accessible so they can see important new blog posts for their benefit, helping with providing them with the newst infomration needed to do complete redesigns.

In the last couple of years, Google has made many changes in how they rank web sites and I’m working hard to help my clients adjust and evolve their current web presence, as the Google’s algorithm and the Internet iteslf continues to evolve!

If you have any questions or want to contact me about your project, please feel free to call me at 714-421-1881 – if you’re new to my company and want to email me, click here! I’d love to talk with you about any project you have.

I have been making web sites since 1994 when AOL had a homepage builder and have had a passion for the entire process of helping businesses on the web from:

  • New web site designs to compete resdesigns
  • Search Engine Optimation and Internet Marekting of all types
  • Social Media page / account creation, customization and engaging
  • Teaching people to help themselves, adding / changing content on their WordPress Web Sites.
  • WordPress web sites that anyone can manage themeselves is my specialty!

So much has changed since i redid my web site the last time, and creating new acccurate content makes the process is a bit of a long one while i’m busy helping  my clients, so excuse my dust! I always have room for you,, so i welcome calls and emails.