Huntington Beach / Orange County / Palm Springs Web Design

Bryan Grandy, OwnerWelcome to my home on the web. My name is Bryan Grandy, and I’m a local Huntington Beach web designer and Internet Marketing Specialist. I’ve officially been in business since 2002 but i built my first web site in the early 90’s  using AOL’s home page designer, officially my first web page done in 1992.

I was working in the Real Estate Industry then, and keep in mind this is when the web was JUST STARTING to take off. Every time I worked at a company and  my boss found out i knew how to make web pages (they weren’t really called web site’s back then, just “web pages”), i was put onto the task of making one for their company.

I remember my first big Internet Marketing success was getting First Suburban mortgage web site listed on page two for the word “REFINANCE”.

Think of it. A one word keyword, that now is only meant for the big boys,

the companies like, Lending Tree, etc. Google wasn’t even invented yet, and search engines were just beginning to take off. At that time, The ONE PLACE a company wanted to be was in the Yahoo Directory. That’s where I got that company on page two, and I wasn’t some large firm with a huge budget, it was just me, a self taught, part-time web designer. That’s when i fell in love with the Internet, and helping many, many other companies and organizations since then.

I was born and raised in Wichita, Kansas. It was a great place to grow up, a safe place where you could leave your doors unlocked at night. When i was 17 years old, my father got a job in the Los Angeles Area and moved us to Huntington Beach, California. I lived throughout Orange County, living on my own in Huntington Beach, Costa Mesa, Garden Grove and then i spent ten years in Long Beach. After ten years, i wanted a change and up and moved to Palm Springs in 2003, where i started a full-time business making web sites for 10 bucks an hour to establish myself in the city. I never advertised. I built my business by following the Google Webmaster Guidelines for my site and the phone rang off the hook. It did that because i created over a hundred pages of unique, helpful content (pages of text, images and videos) I also did the same for all the sites i built, and all of them reached top ten rankings naturally, many without any other marketing or link building. Of course it got harder after the entire world had a web site, so i taught myself SEO (search engine optimization), which basically means fine tuning the pages of a web site and creating links to these web sites that come from other web sites.

In June of 2013, I moved my web design company to Huntington Beacs. Now, again, of course, the way getting to the top of Google has completely changed in the last year. I’ve spent the last six months re-learning what Google wants so i can do the same thing for current and new clients. I’m completely self taught from the very beginning of my career, using the Internet and reading books from industry leaders, and I’m proud of that.

I can help you no matter where you live, whether you’re in Huntington Beach or any of the surrounding cities including Costa Mesa, Newport Beach, Fountain Valley, Westminster, Garden Grove, Santa Ana, Orange, basically throughout Orange County. If you live in the area or in Palm Springs / Coachella Valley area, I’m able to help you achieve the same successes that I provided dozens  and dozens of businesses over the decade of living and working in Palm Springs.  The great thing about Web Design in today’s world, is that  I can help anyone across the country, as my work is all done over the Internet. The future is here: I can video chat with anyone in the world, including you. All you need is a Skype account and either the Skype software on your PC or MAC or the Skype App on your Phone.

I know people like to physically be able to sit down with people, so if you’re within my driving area I’m happy to meet with you. If you aren’t but want to actually see who you’re going to trust with your business, this is a very helpful option. I like to look into people’s eyes when i do business with them for anything, so i understand this way of thinking. Skype helps me do that with anyone, anywhere!

I’m the owner of Blue Hyperlink Web Marketing, a Grandy and Associates Company. In January, I merged with my family business, Grandy and Associates,  to be able to provide more services to a greater number of companies, maintaining the same level of service to you, the most important person in my business world, my client.We’ve truly become a family business now. We run a number of home based businesses, which i’ll be showing you soon. I’m fortunate to be able to do what i do, help other small businesses with their web-related needs.

I like helping all types of people a wide variety of businesses, and consider myself a good teacher and an active listener. Maybe you’re reading something like this for the very first time in your life. You’ve never had your own business, let alone your very own web site, and it’s pretty overwhelming for you. You feel like you don’t even know what questions need to be asked, let alone what a good answer to them might be. Maybe I’m the tenth person you’ve talked to today, and every single web designer has given you different information.

Maybe you have a very specific vision for your web site or you have no idea at all what you want your web site to look like or what kind of content will be in it.  Maybe this isn’t your first time around the block with a web designer, and you either had either a great web guy who moved out of the country or a terrible web guy who took your money and disappeared!

Maybe you just have a question or two you want to run by me. You may just want me to help you with filling in something on your web site’s administration area that you’re not comfortable doing. Don’t worry, after a decade, I’ve gotten used to dealing with every one of the above situations and more! My goal is to listen to you and hopefully understand your needs and devise a game plan of how i can help you. Give me a call and run something by me, if you think something doesn’t sound quite right with your current web person. I’ll give you my honest opinion, no charge.

Web design and Search Engine Marketing have changed dramatically in the last decade. Sometimes they change dramatically in a month! The web is definitely playing a crucial role in any company’s success in today’s market. The web design company you choose to design, maintain, and promote your company’s web site will need to:

  • provide a professional looking, easy to use web site for your company’s new and current client base
  • if you offer a service, help you turn leads into repeat clients
  • if you have products to sell, help you sell those products or services in an easy-to-use, secure environment that provides repeat orders
  • provide you with ideas on how to do better than your competition offline and online

Blue  Web Marketing Services Include:

  • Web Design / Redesigns / Upgrades to sites you can manage yourself
  • Content writing and / or  rewriting with keyword rich content
  • SEO / SEM / SMM – Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing and Social Media Marketing
  • Page one Google and Bing Rankings for your most important keywords (another way the industry calls search phrases people use to find what they want online)
  • Social media pages and profiles (like LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube and Face Book, of course!)
  • Online E commerce – Sales of Products or Services through payment forms or shopping carts


I want to help your company succeed!

  • I do what I say I’m going to do
  • I respond quickly to any questions or comments
  • I take the time to get to know your company
  • I research your competition online
  • I create a professional web site / social media presence for you
  • I help you rank well across the web, especially in search engines
  • I can help KEEP you there with regular adding content to your web site / social media pages, and establishing more links, mentions, re-tweets and more!

I offer free one hour consultations either by phone or in person if time and distance are within my capability and schedule. Please contact me to talk about any project and we can setup a time to talk about it. I look forward to helping you succeed, that’s my main goal in doing what i do. If you succeed, you’ll tell people about me and I’ll succeed. That’s a “win-win” for both of us! Thanks for taking the time to listen to my story. If you want references, I’m also happy to provide you with names and numbers of people who i’ve helped. In the meantime, please check out my testimonials section.